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V. VALPANTENA 116/A  37142 MARZANA (Vr) 
Aperto dal lunedi al giovedì 8,30-13,00 e 14,00-18,00 il venerdì 8,30-13,30
TEL. 045 8700980 ---  FAX 045-8701035  -- Email

Physical medicine and rehabilitation clinic


The Premises


The Clinic is located at a building owned by the City of Verona which has given us rent free use  It is spread over two floors: ground floor and first floor which covers an area of 700 square metres,  the outside area is 800 sqm.


The building is located in a quiet green setting.  It ensures access to all possible users with disabilities because there are no barriers.

Access to
the rehabilitation center and are clearly indicated.

Within the building there is a reception, waiting rooms and information for users.

Every rehabilitation section has its own premises.

There are plenty of play areas and  parking within the premises.


Organization of the Association


The health management department of the association is entrusted to Dr. Roberta Pizzolo {child psychiatrist}, who directs and coordinates a multidisciplinary team consisting of physiotherapists,  

Psychomotor Performance therapists, speech therapists, psychologists, educational psychologists, specialized tutors and teachers.


A physiatrist, a speech therapist, a pediatrician and an orthodontist also collaborate with the team.


Types of activities and equipment

Within the global project, therapeutic, evaluative and diagnostic rehabilitative interventions are offered.  The Association  has adequate facilities for their users’ needs and different types of activities:

  • principals and technological resources to perform medical services, physiotherapy, speech therapy and other rehabilitation professionals
  • equipment and principals to carry out various types of psycho-educational interventions (computers, printers, scanners, etc. .);
  • facilities for recreation and leisure;
  • a small library for children and teens;
  • a small library of texts on specific Down syndrome;
  • a video library
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